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24 carat Gold Gel


  • 24 carat Gold Gel

    24 carat gold leaf floating in healing Aloe Vera gel is a traditional Ayurvedic anti aging beauty secret for radiant youthful skin. Toning and purifying Lodhra and Himalayan wild cherry rejuvenate stressed skin, giving a beautiful radiant glow. 24 carat is the purist form of gold. Our gold leaf is so pure it dissolves into the top layer of the skin and when mixed with the pure Aloe Vera gel it has wonderful healing properties.

    How to use:
    To get the best result from each treatment, first cleanse the face with Ayurda 'Hingot Cleanser'. Then scoop a small amount of Ayurda 'Gold Gel' in to the palm of your hand. The heat will help release the active ingredients of Aloe Vera.

    aloe vera gel, 24 ct gold leaf, himalayan wild cherry, lodhra, manjishtha.

    Price: $120.00 inc gst   65gms


Ayurda makes so much sense to me; finally I have found the skincare suits me. I love the earthy aromas of Ayurda, they make me feel as though I am really feeding my skin.
- Kathy Sloan, New Mum

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