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Teen skin

In this fast paced world where the pressure to prove oneself begins from your teens, these years can be filled with angst – the last thing you need is troubled skin. Puberty may cause your body to increase its production of sebum (oil secreted by your sebaceous glands); leading to blocked pores and spots. At Spa Ayurda, we have covered your effort to understand your skin and get a good skincare routine put in place – early introduction to good skin care can make all the difference!

    Full Balance Programme 
  • ABEGS001200
    Gel Scrub 120gms


This wonderful product is the proverbial breath of fresh doesn't depend on abrasive or invasive techniques to get results, the products are naturally fragrant and they work. My skin is glowing and radiant with health and vitality that only such a natural skin care like Ayurda can produce.
- Anne H Mother and Careers Expert

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