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Our skin is our body's largest organ. Since its primary function is to protect us, it’s only fair we take care of our skin – everyday! Whether your face flushes easily, is constantly red, or changes from day to day, facial redness can be both worrying and embarrassing. If you have wondered how to get rid of this redness or patchy skin, don’t worry – we have you covered. These products will not only help calm your skin but also help restore the lost balance with the organic range of herbal ingredients.

    Full Balance Programme 


As a 57 year stay home mum, I must say that Ayurda is the nicest line of skin care products I have ever used. Over the years I have tried many big brands as well as various brands from "natural foods stores", but so far Ayurda has been my very favorite. I love the mild fresh scents and how gentle yet effective the skin care products are.
- Dianne Todd, Auckland

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