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Skin Rejuvenator


  • Skin Rejuvenator

    Prolonged use of this cream helps to make the complexion clean and clear, prevents signs of ageing and reduces dark circles, marks and other signs. This helps to make the skin soft and glowing. A powerful blend of herbs makes this beauty cream a balanced diet for the skin. It provides nourishment that tones and rejuvenates the skin’s appearance. Regular use helps prevent aging and dark shadows.

    Perfect answer for Vata-Pitta, and Vata-Kapha body types.

    How to use:
    We advise using this cream every night before bed. First cleanse the face and neck with Ayurda Hingot Cleanser, then apply a thin layer of Ayurda Skin Rejuvenator on the face and neck, gently massaging in using your fingers in a clockwise motion for a few minutes. In cases of too much dryness, we recommend using Skin Rejuvenator twice daily along with Ayurda Rose and Basil skin toner.

    sesame oil, beeswax, saffron, rose petals, lotus licorice, turmeric, and manjishta.

    Price: $69.95 inc gst   65gms


I have sensitive, dry skin and have always had problems finding a complete range which didn't react with my skin. My skin hasn't glowed like this with any other product; my journey to find a product that suits me is complete!
- Melissa D, Natural Therapist,

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